Intelligent Solution without compromising Bandwidth, Connection and Storage. For Banks, Retails, Offices, Substations and Command Center.

Banks and Financial Institutions

  • AUTOMATED TELLER MACHINE (ATM) - Empower ATM surveillance with Intrusion Detection (ID), Face Recognition (FRS) to profile intrusion patterns for analysis and response.
  • BRANCH AND OFFICES - Enhance existing IP Cameras to detect customer behavior, left or lost objects, intrusion including critical incidents with real-time alerts and advance forensic.
  • MOBILE APP ANALYTICS - Monitor movements of assets and personnel on armored trucks with existing smart phone by sending FR and LRP information to command center.

Retail and Multi-location Facility

  • RECOGNIZE DEMOGRAPHICS - recognizes customer demographics and get enough data and buying profiles to customize promotions and approach.
  • PIN POINT FOOT TRAFFIC - identify foot traffic through counting and heat maps to maximize resourced and tailor-fit marketing and sales approach.
  • ELIMINATE GUESSWORK - with embedded business analytics and ability to transform ordinary IP Cameras to become the automated intelligence of the store or facility.

Substations and Critical Locations

  • MANLESS OPERATION - enhances efficiency and security by maximizing technology. Using existing IP Cameras you can verify identity and access with Face Recognition.
  • EYE AGAINST INTRUSION - use existing cameras as an extended eye with AI Analytics, automating alarms, enhancing response and speeding up forensic.
  • SAFETY DETECTION - equip existing cameras with Smoke, Fire, PPE, and other analytics for a more safe and automated facility.