Maximize thre real power of IronYun's Vaidio AI and imageGPT platform. Vaidio DIY is an image-labeling tool in creating AI Model to detect objects of interest.

Features of AI DIY Solution

  • LABELING - Simple labeling of desired image data and train Vaidio to recognize new objects through bounding boxes around each image
  • NO CODE AI MODEL - Build your own custom AI model with no coding, no high technical background and even without an IT team
  • DIFFERENT ENVIRONMENT AND CONDITIONS - Be able to train our AI Platform with object detection in different lighting, camera angle, camera resolution, weather condition and environmental set-up.

Benefits of AI DIY Solution

  • CUSTOM AI MODEL - Unique custom AI models for unique environment. Create specific AI model for your specific needs.
  • SAVE RESOURCES - Save time and resources with with the simple DIY version of Vaidio's AI Analytics. Produce AI model with no IT and coding team, in the least time and with less complication
  • ENDLESS APPLICATION - Opens opportunity for different application such as animal detection, object counting, drone detection and many others.