Single Camera Online Thermal Imaging, PPE Detection, Crowding Detection, People and Occupancy Counting, Pedestrian Monitoring, Facial Recognition Trigger, License Plate Trigger

Multi-region Thermal Video Analytics

  • EQUIPMENT MONITORING - engines, power lines, manufacturing machinery, transformers, substation equipment and many others.
  • MULTI REGION, SINGLE CAMERA - Vaidio AI can create, monitor, and alert on up to 4 independent regions of interest ( per thermal camera).
  • PROACTIVE AND PREVENTIVE - Reduce equipment monitoring costs, improve monitoring accuracy and prevent costly downtime and breakdown of equipment.

Plant Safety and PPE Monitoring

  • PPE USAGE ALARM - records and triggers alarm when PPE is not in use making sure personnel is using the proper safety uniform in the vicinity.
  • PEOPLE COUNTING - count people entering a controlled environment for accountability and detects crowding.
  • PERSON FALL DETECTION - automatically detects and alarms command center when a person is detected lying down making emergency response more proactive.

DIY Artificial Intelligence Industrial Application

  • OBJECT COUNTING - counts predefined objects (e.g. sacks, pallet, boxes, etc.) automating logs, maximizes productivity and minimizing pilferages.
  • MATERIAL DEFECT DETECTION - detect inferior raw materials before production, reducing quality issues and prevents delays and reworks.
  • DRONE CAMERA INSPECTION - detects corrosion, degradation and defects for high hard-to-reach areas of the plant prevents unnecessary incidents and extends life of facility